An Objectivist Film Noir

The story of a boy and limits he will go to for the love of his bicycle. It started in 2004 as a comedic short film based on a true story. It’s first filming attempt was less-than-stellar so by 2005 was re-tooled in style and tone. Namely, using still frames in a graphic novel format. While allowing for immense artistic expression, the production process was immensely tedious.

Also, at this time, the Red Bicycle became a film noir dealing with philosophical questions about moral ethics; best explored in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. The question was what it means to live a proper virtuous life; to find the hero within immoral men.

From 2007 – 2014, the film was chipped away slowly in post production to execute its unique and arduous art design. In the end, it’s both an expression of our youthful idealism and experienced adult life (as one was shot then completed within a decade). Yet, as we age and life’s complexities expand, the question of how to live a proper moral life remains as critical as ever.

Co-Written, Directed, & Edited by Johan Christianson
Co-Written and Director of Photography: Pavel Belits
Starring: Vlad Kaufman, Dmitriy Chernyak, and Serge Gordiyenko
With: Ryan “Chappy” Wachter, Tayla Ealom, Clara Giunta, and Lev Gorodinski

Based on the true story of Chris Weathers

Watch how it was compiled in X – The One Man Show
Also the original comedic 2004 Red Bicycle Production