X- the One Man Show

In 2005 when I dreamed up the idea of using still frames to present the Red Bicycle, I couldn’t fathom the level of detail this required. Since the DP and I went to shoot backgrounds first, where I staged and choreographed the scenes, we needed references for the actors. This was to correctly capture angles, lighting, and sizing; the DP is also known as, “Mr. Portions.”

So to capture the right dimensions, we needed reference shots of every character. This meant, essentially, one person had to stand-in for the entire cast. This honor went to the director. X – the One Man Show is the story of how the film looked through his eyes for all those years of production.

Editor: Johan Christianson
Director of Photography: Pavel Belits
Special Guest appearances by  Vlad Kaufman, Kipton Tang, and Emmanuel Leal

Watch the final product: The Red Bicycle