The Red Bicycle 2004 Production

In May 2004, long before the Red Bicycle was a philosophical film noir, it was envisioned as a comedy; still about bicycles and bullies. But this was also in a time before I knew anything about lighting, sound design, color correcting, or even laborious post production.  The Red Bicycle 2004 exists as a perfect metaphorical transition between youthful video making and next eventual next steps in quality.

Of course, the 2004 Production was never finished and this is all the footage that exists. Edited in 2014, this is tribute to where it all began. Take note of scenes structures that survived to the final version.

Co-Written and Directed by Johan Christianson
Co-Written and Starring: Chris Weathers
With:  Dmitriy Chernyak, Serge Gordiyenko, and Ryan “Chappy” Wachter

Watch the Making of the 2004 Red Bicycle Production
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