Making of the Red Bicycle

The Red Bicycle officially began production in May 2006 when Pavel and I set off into the Colorado wilderness to take scenery photos. Once we had the reference shots, (see X – The One Man Show) actors were shot then organized. Finally, voice work was recorded and this all concluded in October 2006; about 5 months of production.

Finishing the film in 2014, this made the production a perfect time capsule of our early 20s. Not just in the imagery but the ideas of the film, writing style, humor, et all. The Making of is a beautiful retrospective of those years and how, above all else, it was just good friends trying to make something exceptional. We would have settled just for watchable.

Editor: Johan Christianson
Director of Photography: Pavel Belits
Starring:  Vlad Kaufman, Dmitriy Chernyak, Serge Gordiyenko, and Ryan “Chappy” Wachter
With special guests: Chris Weathers, Vadim Manoilo, and Oliver Tasevski