Detective Manga meets Student Filmmaking

In 2001, as I created more educational videos, my interests veered into more cinematic experiences. Who didn’t dream of action set pieces, explosions, choreographed fights, and intricate storylines? So, basing a rough outline from one of my favorite mangas at the time, we created this humble interpretation. However, this version of The Case Files of J. Jonsey is actually an edit of two films:

The Substance Abuse Assessment (2001): Original Running Time = 35 min
The Safety Assessment (2002): Original Running Time = 45 min

Back then these were still “educational” videos but in 2017 they’ve been combined into a merciful 32 minutes. Of all the early videos, I share this to the web as a showcase of youthful ambition, disregard of comedic offensiveness, and also the pleasure of making something without restraint.

Written and Directed by Johan Christianson
Arata “Jeeves” Szheunsoa played by Kipton Tang
Nanashi the Grim Reaper played by Chris Weathers,
Genya (aka Boris) played by Igor Gorlach
Serge McKinely (aka the Assassin) played by Lev Gorodinski
The Informant played by Eugene Kurtser

Based on the detective manga, “Does Anyone Speak English?” by J.C. Henriksson
Watch the Making of The Case Files of J.Jonsey