Shaving Cream!

New products are thrilling, exciting, and maybe even a little sexy. Even better when it’s a cream that makes shaving less irritating! Introducing the last shaving cream you’ll ever need. But that’s not all! Add a tea tree tingle, an easy travel sized container, and refreshing scent. Even your host, Rob, is reading his lines with a modicum of vigor.

But that’s not all! This new cream comes with so many new features, you’ll need multiple viewings to catch everything we crammed in. So, hurry up and hit play before this limited time offer goes away!*

Writer & Director: Johan Christianson
Director of Photography: Pavel Belits
Rob Ross played by  Dan Dunbar
Richard played by Chris Weathers
Quburt “Strong Man” McCannon played by Oliver Tasevski

With Special Guests: Serge Gordiyenko, Rachael Drozd, Monish SP, Robert Foley, and Shannon Doering

Narrated by Miles Rand

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*offer is indefinitely valid.