The Joys of Shaving Finale!

The time has come: Rob’s hosting contract is going to expire soon! After many dutiful years, he has a chance to break free and continue pursuing his former life as a theater actor. Yet he’s filled with uncertainty. His current life represents stability but change could mean fresh challenges. It’s an inner battle of contentment versus the unknown.

The series comes to a close as Rob contemplates the future of his career with the help of a full ensemble cast. Tune in and see if the Shave Must Go On…

Writer & Director: Johan Christianson
Director of Photography: Pavel Belits
Rob Ross played by  Dan Dunbar

Raymond played by Robert Foley
Franklin played by Serge Gordiyenko
Vaughn played by Vadim Manoilo
Herman played by Sean “Bucky” Kuprevich
Richard played by Chris Weathers
Quburt “Strong Man” McCannon played by Oliver Tasevski

With special guest: Brian Essig-Peppard

And Introducing:
Bethany played by Athena Lutton Keithler
Para Rob played by Tony Flesor
Emperor Shave played by Nick Arnott

Narrated by Miles Rand

Watch the Making of the Joys of Shaving