Behold the Series Opening to the Joys of Shaving!

Rob Ross was once a renown personality in Germany starring in countless beer commercials, featured on variety shows and cameos on hit police crime dramas. He lived a semi-cushy celebrity life adored within countless beer halls. But he missed frolicking in his homeland of the Pacific Northwest. So, he took the first job he could get as spokesman for a small shaving company.

The only problem is Rob hates shaving. For example see his thick luscious beard! But one day at a time he begrudgingly presses on tirelessly promoting shaving’s greatest “joys” to the world wide web.

Writer & Director: Johan Christianson
Director of Photography: Pavel Belits
Rob Ross played by  Dan Dunbar
Quburt ‘Strongman’ McCannon played by  Oliver Tasevski
Victoria Brandis played by Clara Giunta

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