Gambaro: The God of all Heroes

Do you believe in Heroes? How about Gods? Or perhaps tantalizingly refreshing beverages that instill the urge to do great things? Introducing Gambaro, the latest drink from Japan that challenges its consumer not merely to partake in but provide enough heroics to liberate a small country. One sip you’ll feel the truth that greatness can be consumed.

Filmed in late 2006, this was part of an International Marketing class where we created our own product. Gambaro (which does translate to “Do Great Things“) was intended as an alcoholic tea beverage. Of course, making a commercial / promo video was purely optional but how could I resist?

Written & Directed by Johan Christianson
Starring Oliver Tasevski
With Chris Weathers, Serge Gordiyenko, Adam Friarson, Laura Lacanette, & Manuel Bonilla

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