Milk with Ice Cubes 15 Years Trailer

In 2001, I started making “educational” videos as a creative outlet. This was noteworthy b/c I had never considered the medium before. Today, it’s a place I’m quite comfortable with and encourage others to embrace to communicate, inform, and entertain. In those 15 years, I’ve made over 40 video projects; from shorts, to a feature, commercials, and making of vids.

It’s been a wild ride that continuously evolves and invokes new avenues of creativity; for personal and professional causes. Cheers to the next 15 years and beyond.

Edited by Johan Christianson
Frequent Director of Cinematography: Pavel Belits
Frequent Collaborators: Chris Weathers, Oliver Tasevski, Dan Dunbar, Sean “Bucky” Kuprevich, and Vlad Kaufman

Shorts & Series Featured:
The Case Files of J.Jonsey
The 50,000 Mann
Origami Boulder
iMovie Tutorial
Chrono Break
Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call HD
The Red Bicycle
The Joys of Shaving